Do it the Middle Eastern way ! Share our typical dishes revisited with twisted local and seasonal ingredients.

We advise you to choose between 2 and 3 plates per person.
Don’t forget habibi, what is done with love is well done !

Chickpea flour, rosemary and zaatar fritters served with a chili toum (garlic) sauce.

Smoked houmous topped with puffed chickpeas, zhoug paste and a homemade cold pressed black olive Kalamata olive oil.

Jerusalem artichoke smoked moutabal topped with Sherry roasted fennel, green oil and Jerusalem artichoke chips.

Layers of filo dough stuffed with caramelized nuts and pulled pork cooked in a tomato sauce served with a home made labneh.

Crunchy veggies tartare topped with a Raifort cream, home made chives olive oil and crunchy roasted walnuts.

Crispy fried chicken marinated with ginger, apple juice and zaatar served with date butter and toum sauce.

Green cabbage stuffed with freekeh risotto and ginger carrot mousse, black garlic & molasses reduction and green oil.

Braised endives with honey, topped with roasted almonds, radish, pomegranate seeds, kale chips sprinkled with tahini sauce and date molasses.

Mild Herve cheese croquettes with a zaatar crust served with a rose of of revisited « Batata Harra » potato petals and served with a garlic, chili and garlic home made oil.

habibi brussel libanese food


libanese food brussel habibi


Man’oushes are typical Lebanese Flat breads made of organic wheat and raised in our artisanal oven and topped with a thousand Levantine delicacies.

Lebanese comfort food at its finest, our Man’oushes are a tasty delight for all lovers of tradition and good food. 

Zaatar from Kfar-Hounié, fresh tomatoes, cucumber & mint leaves.

Melted Manouri cheese, pickled onions, orange blossom caramelized onions, parsley and a drizzle of chili oil.

Pomegranate molasse & garlic eggplants, pickled onions, parsley and our garlic tarator sauce.

Slow cooked pulled pork, pickled turnips, parsley, ginger toum (garlic) and tarator sauce.

Slow cooked braised lamb shank with zaatar, honey and lemon, pickles, parsley and smokey mint yoghourt sauce.

libanese food brussel habibi


Still hungry? Let’s finish on a sweet and lovely note.

It is well known – The bigger the belly, the better the party – So don’t be shy and pick one (or more) of our Original Middle Eastern sweets.

Orange Blossom Cheesecake, home made dates and pistacchio crust topped with lime zests and seasonal fruits coulis.

Buckwheat biscuit, salted butter, pepper chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate whipped cream.

chocolate cake libanese food habibi
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